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Hitomi never goes anywhere without her favourite ARS Hand Tools!

The ARS 330HN Choki are Hitomi’s favourite scissors!


‘The best wire cutter ever! Its light and compact and is great for any wire work – floral jewelry and corsage work. Its the only wire cutter in my tool bag!’


Made in Japan, the ARS330HN Choki Scissors are ARS’s best selling series, and they just got better with new handle designs and blade covers! Whether you’re right or left handed, these softbow scissors are a quick snipper for bonsai, small plants, flower stems, tape, string, and even electric wire. They also sharply cut paper, wallpaper, carpet, felt, webbing, food, plastic, food packs, tin sheet, and much, much more! You’ll want a pair for every room of the house! These scissors can be used in either your right or left hand with equal ease.

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